About Bellhops Moving Company

There’s a moment during each move when our customers realize everything is going to go well. They relax, smile more, start thinking about dinner. We exist to get people to that moment of relief and satisfaction, that moment when they know they’re home.

From home to home, together

This is a sincere expression of how we view our role in customers’ lives: as guides and partners during a period of change. And to deliver this experience, we find movers and drivers who elevate their service through care and hospitality.

Innovator’s Mind

The drive to identify opportunities and create solutions to better serve our customers.

Owner’s Grit

The commitment to get things done the right way even if it’s the hard way. We never settle for anything less.

Servant’s Heart

The devotion to care for others by putting them first and treating them as we’d like to be treated.

Playful Spirit

The willingness to approach life with optimism, energy, and lightheartedness.

Bellhops—originally named Campus Bellhops—was founded by Cam Doody and Stephen Vlahos in the summer of 2011 as a way to provide college students a simple way to move into and out of their dorms. The founders’ initial goal was to schedule 30 to 40 moves during Auburn University’s three-day freshman orientation weekend, but ultimately they completed 325.

The founders connected with the Lamp Post Group, a venture-capital firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After receiving seed capital, the company expanded its services to include customers of all ages, with homes of varying sizes. To keep up with demand, it developed the nation’s first tech-enabled moving platform, which not only streamlines the move-day process but also ensures customers are matched with the most-qualified movers and drivers in their area.

Bellhops named Luke Marklin its CEO. Previously, he was a general manager at Uber and oversaw the success of its business operations in several markets throughout the Southeast. As Bellhops continues to grow, it remains committed to refining the experience of moving by recruiting friendly, hardworking people and using technology to connect them with customers in a seamless way. Bellhops is rapidly approaching its 200,000th move and is proud that more than 20 percent of its customers use its services for multiple needs within a given year—a previously unheard-of occurrence in the moving space.

Source: getbellhops.com